Kanban service: individual solutions for optimal processing

Kanban service – C-Parts supply in a nutshell

Every industry has its specialities. Ours is to adjust to this. Exactly when and where you need us. That is why we offer you various service modules and forms of processing within our Kanban system solutions. We can take over your complete procurement in the area of ​​C-Parts for you: from project planning, implementation, scheduling, procurement, quality inspection, warehousing and in-house merchandise distribution to the production line as well as to the individual work and assembly station.

Together with you we agree on the level of service (Basic, Full, WOB) as well as the technology of automated data transmission.

With all Kanban solutions your needs are firmly in sight

  • Neat and clean storage
  • Optimum storage and space utilisation
  • Consistent, maximum process reliability
  • Significant time savings
  • Maximum cost reduction
  • Early identification of your needs
  • Maximum product availability
  • Online information platform for transparency in goods and bins movement
  • Supplier bundling and consolidation
  • In-house distribution of goods
  • Removal and return transport of empty bins
  • Delivery of the filled bins and transfer of the goods to the individual places of need
  • Place the filled Kanban bins in the rack