Kanban control: individual solutions for optimum processing

Replenishment within a Kanban system is initiated depending on demand, taking into account your industry sector, your needs and your C-Parts requirements. We work together with our customers to agree the level of service and the technology for the automated data transfer as well as an individual logistics concept.

Kanban technologies – Innovative and safe.

More than half of our customers already use standard RFID-based Kanban systems to control their material flow. Assembly lines are becoming more and more flexible, digitalization is now almost a matter of course. All processes are supposed to be lean and efficient all the way to the fully automated supply of C-Parts.

Würth Industrie Service Österreich has been banking on RFID Kanban systems for production material and is continuously developing new applications relating to radio frequency identification. The heart of this technology are the integrated transponders that store information such as type of container, article number, description, filling volume and batch and, if needed, automatically trigger an order. For this, the data are directly transmitted from the customer’s production location to the central warehouse in Bad Mergentheim.

Kanban of the future – Intelligent and prudent

The concept behind RFID will become increasingly popular since industry customers are very much interested in having a complete overview of their inventory, this being an important success factor of efficient manufacturing processes. This is the reason why Würth Industrie Service is focused on consistently developing this technology further, for example towards industry 4.0.


Systems network

iDisplay & CPS®Mobile

This technology involves not only a multifunctional, digital label system for racks, but also an app that provides a mobile management system for a transparent exchange of data and information. From a desktop, tablet or smartphone. Mobile, anywhere, at any time.