iDisplay & iRackDisplay: Systems connected with each other

A study by Würth Industrie Service


Systems connected with each other – Digital. Real. Transparent.

Digitalisation is becoming reality through the prototypes iDISPLAY, a multi-functional rack label, and iRackDisplay, a digital rack label, at the storage location in production.

In the future, a printed rack label can be replaced by iDISPLAY, which functions independently at the storage location. The manufacturing companies can use iDISPLAY to quickly and easily interact at the storage location and directly initiate different processes within their value chain in the future.

iDISPLAY is directly connected with the ERP system of Würth Industrie Service, and enables an order to be triggered directly at the touch of a button. Any anomalies in the goods can also be directly reported and all the concerned items are directly marked as blocked in iDISPLAY via batch tracking. Manual intervention is no longer necessary.

The “pick by light” function offers an additional advantage: using the light signal, iDISPLAY - in synergy with the worker assistance systems - displays where the goods required for the next step are located.

Smart Workplace

Smart Workplace – The assembly workplace of the future

In the assembly workplace of the future, man and machine work hand in hand. Automated supply and material procurement systems are directly connected with the workplace via RFID technology, and enable an order to be triggered directly at the place of use. In synergy with the digital rack label iDISPLAY, the worker assistance systems assure certainty in the work processes and reduce complexity. Autonomous shuttles automatically bring items directly to the workplace, reduce routes and allow more time for value-adding activities.


  • Bin information and optimisation
  • Order triggering
  • Pick-by-Light
  • Item blocking function for security in the event of an error
  • Automatic data transfer
  • Customisation of display through iDISPLAY Designer


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