Schrauben für thermoplastische Kunststoffe

Screws for thermoplastics

The WÜPLAST® product line

Can plastics be fastened with screws? Of course!

Screws for thermoplastics are used for direct assembly in plastics. Connecting thermoplastics always causes problems, because the material is not as resistant as some others. The wrong screw can easily cause damage to the plastic. To avoid this problem, the end of our WÜPLAST® screw forms a semi-slanted surface, avoiding scratching the plastic with the tip. The WÜPLAST® screw is the optimum solution for professional use in the plastics sector and provides a perfect screw connection for your thermoplastic compounds.

The thread-forming metal screws offer a major advantage over other methods of connection, especially due to their economical mounting. In addition, the direct connection allows a thin-walled and flat design. Together with us, you will find the right screw for your plastic connections. With Certainty.

WÜPLAST® screws can be used in particular in the following industries:

  • environmental protection technology
  • industrial safety technology
  • chemical engineering
  • wastewater technology
  • mechanical engineering
  • plant construction
  • vehicle industry
  • electrical industry
  • production of solar cells
  • air and climate technology
Your benefit
  • multiple reuse
  • high process reliability in your materials management
  • weight reduction
  • cost-effective procurement
  • higher load capacity
  • better material flow without material damage

A large product range of screws for thermoplastics

Benefit from our large selection of thermoplastic screws.

WÜPLAST® screws are available in a variety of designs: In total, there are over 150 dimensions in our range; these are made to the standards of the automotive industry. A process-reliable reconnection is ensured by a 30° angle, an optimized thread pitch and an optimized core diameter. The most common here is the rounded head screw.

Screws for thermoplastics in the automotive industry

Screws for thermoplastics are also very versatile in the automotive industry. The plastic parts on the car rise. This not only brings the advantage of weight reduction, but also savings in production costs compared to other materials. The associated connecting elements are therefore becoming increasingly important.


With us, you will always find the right product.

Every single industry requires products that are geared to very specific purposes. To support the requirements of a market holistically, we consistently analyse the current needs and future requirements of our customers.

This resulted in our W.TEC® product series with products for requirements-based solutions and industry-specific innovations. We guarantee optimal and consistent quality and first-class technical service. We can give you expert advice and best practices so that you will always find the right product, be it plastic cabs, slings, screws for thermoplastic materials or many more.



We are here for you!

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