C-Parts management for the industry

Optimize your supply chain with our intelligent systems

Production equipment such as fasteners and fastening technology have low cost, but cause disproportionately high procurement and process costs. Our procurement systems for production equipment, consumables and auxiliary materials reduce manual effort, optimise the inventories and streamline the processes of manufacturing industrial companies.

You decide on the supply solution, we do the rest: from detailed, individual project planning and implementation of the system to taking over the disposition, procurement and quality control to warehousing and distribution of goods to the production line.

The best procurement for each product

Whether direct or indirect material, whether tools, industrial safety products or connecting elements – for all of our more than 1,100,000 products in our range, we offer you the right supply system to optimise your procurement processes. More on security of supply

C-Parts. With Certainty.

We are aware that a missing part, even if it has only a small value, can result in considerable costs. For this reason, security of supply is our top priority. The "6+R rule" describes the six overriding goals that our brand "C-Parts. With Certainty." justifies: We provide our customers with the right product, at the right time, in the right place, in the right quantity, in the right quality and at the right price. More on supply security.

Kanban for supply of production equipment

Kanban systems

Efficient supply of production resources

The two-bin system with RFID technology for automatic replenishment offers maximum supply security. Just in time and exactly where you need it.

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Individual work places

Work places

Lean Management

Clean and tidy workplaces are key to efficient and lean work processes. Our workplaces can be individually designed and combined with our supply solutions.

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Electronic procurement


Electronic procurement

Electronic order systems, such as the Würth Online Shop, the Würth App or the Würth Scanner, are the optimal solution for quick, irregular production requirements. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Data exchange and interfaces

Data exchange and interfaces

Maximum transparency and traceability

We connect our solutions with your ERP system via EDI or OCI interface. For simple, standardized communication and more time for your core tasks.

More on data transmission

Supply security

Supply Security

C-Parts. With Certainty.

We ensure that you, as our customer, have the right quantity of small parts with the right quality for your production requirements at the right time and at the right point of use (Six-R rule).

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Vending machines

Vending machines

Maximum security in your materials management

Our ORSY®mat solutions combine simple stocking and dispensing of auxiliary and operating materials with automated, needs-based procurement.

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Hazardous materials management

Hazardous materials management

Systems for a safe handling

The management of hazardous materials requires special handling. Our document management system, the reusable system for aerosol cans as well as special storage and Kanban systems ensure safety and savings of resources.

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ORSY® Storage management

Storage systems

Simple and efficient

Our ORSY® storage system consists of individual rack modules and is individually assembled to meet your requirements. In combination with the Würth scanner, the order can be easily repeated via the online shop.

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C-parts service on site

On-site service

C-parts, wherever they are needed

Why have C-parts delivered to production when they are needed on the construction site? Why should the opening hours of the material issue department influence the supply? Our on-site solutions offer you a C-parts supply directly at the point of use at any time.

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Our systems, products and services are designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of industries. Competence teams with experienced employees specialized in the industries have a comprehensive understanding of the specific needs and are at your side as a competent C-parts partner with a holistic approach.

Innovations for the production of tomorrow

Staying competitive in the global market constantly confronts productions with new challenges. In the age of industry 4.0, intelligent, self-organizing, networked systems are in demand. Through close cooperation with research and industry, we know the challenges of manufacturing companies and create innovations that develop together with the production worlds and their increasing requirements.

Innovative supply systems
Supply solutions for a lean factory

Supply solutions for a lean factory

Lean C-parts management with maximum supply reliability is now an indispensable part of the manufacturing industry. In the future, systems and processes will be in demand that offer even more flexibility and efficiency than is required today. As an integrated partner, we offer companies intelligent supply concepts for means of production as well as auxiliary and operating materials - intelligent, individual and connected.

C-parts - Small parts. Great effect!

For C-parts such as screws, nuts and washers, the procurement effort is disproportionately high compared to the procurement value. Since a single product often requires a large number of different C-parts, the share of these parts is extremely high in many companies. Efficient C-parts management addresses these challenges!

Meaning of c-parts management