Hazardous Substance Management CPS®CHEMICAL by Würth Industrie Service Österreich

The use, storage and disposal of chemical-technical products is strongly regulated by law.

Ordinances, guidelines and laws clearly define the compliant handling of a wide variety of chemicals for individual work areas within the company. The handling of hazardous substances is regulated in the Hazardous Substances Ordinance and the Chemicals Act. These laws serve to protect people and the environment. In addition, the Occupational Safety and Health Act prescribes measures to ensure the safety and health protection of employees.

In order to meet the legal requirements, we offer you comprehensive system solutions for your chemical-technical products in our CPS®CHEMICAL hazardous substance management:

Hazardous substance management

Document management – isi!! Hazardous substance management

Our online tool isi!! Hazardous Substance Management helps you to manage the hazardous substances you use so that you can easily act safely and in compliance with the law. It provides you with safety data sheets, operating instructions, hazardous substance directories and supports you in the preparation of hazard assessments.


Refill spray cans with our REFILLO® systems

With our compressed air-based filling systems for spray cans, you can avoid the environmentally harmful greenhouse gases in conventional aerosol cans, significantly reduce your waste volume and thus save disposal costs.

Refill spray cans sustainably


Safe storage of hazardous substances

Storage systems for chemical-technical products

You need to observe various legal regulations when storing hazardous substances. We offer you an extensive range of safety cabinets, material cabinets as well as environmental and chemical cabinets for the safe storage of your chemical-technical products.



Benefits Hazardous substances management

This is how you will beneft:

  • Support in the legally-compliant handling of chemical products
  • Minimization of potential dangers
  • Less administrative work
  • Lower costs thanks to efficient processes
  • Absolute concentration on the core business
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