How will the workplaces and processes in the production change in the future?
Smart Workplace

Intelligent. Connected. Secure.

Smart Workplace

Intelligent. Connected. Secure.

Smart Workplace – How will the assembly workstation be in the future?

Assemblers and operators are exposed to number of challenges in the industry: unforeseeable events, increasing volatilities and shortage of resources, increasing requirements of flexibility and productivity. How will the nature of work be in the future? How will the assembly area of tomorrow look like? Would it not be better to rely on fully-automated systems, so that everything is there exactly when and where it is needed? Systems, which are connected, work hand-in-hand with people and are integrated with each other? Systems, which can react within seconds – even to unforeseeable events?

Würth Industrie Service has developed logistics and supply systems for production materials and operating materials as an answer to these issues: These systems manage lean processes in the supply chain, offer an ergonomic, supporting working environment tailored exactly to the requirements of people and smartly connect the processes between man and machine.

The changing scenario of the assembly workplace: Unimaginable yesterday. Real today. Smart tomorrow.

1st step: Centralised RFID systems.
Efficiently designing process by deploying small-sized bins

By equipping the centralised storage location with RFID Kanban, you can completely automate your procurement and reordering process, manage inventories in a lean manner and identify the demand fluctuations early. The W-KLT®2.0 S small-sized bin - which has the least volume to date and is used directly at the assembly workplace - ensures more efficient process design if compared with the existing Würth small load carriers, W-KLT®2.0, that are based on the VDA standard. The small-sized bins based on the VDA standard are integrated into the mother bin W-KLT®2.0 for shipping to the customer. They can be used for all bin sizes in a seamless and modular manner according to the modular principle in the existing bins in RFID Kanban.

Assembly workplace with centralised material supply
Workplace with decentralised material supply

2nd step: Decentralised workplace supply.
Connecting centralised storage and decentralised workplaces.

The centralised storage and decentralised workplaces can be automated and connected a step further by implementing RFID technology. iPLACER®, a small battery-operated module, can be directly installed at the workplace. By passing through the Kanban bins equipped with RFID tags, an order is automatically triggered. Another innovative solution with similar purpose is the scale system iSCALE. The scale is sensor-controlled, directly connected with the Kanban bin, and is independently movable. Once the weight goes below a defined value, it automatically triggers a reorder.

3rd step: Intelligent supply.
Connecting man and machine.

Würth Industrie Service has been closely working together with Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML) and developing solutions for material procurement and C-Parts management of tomorrow. An example here is the pilot project on iDISPLAY. This digital rack label contains all the information such as bin type, items, customer material number, storage location, quantity and batch, and ensures a quick access to the required items using pick-by-light function. Other assistance systems offer employees digital support during assembly, guide them through the work steps and help them in monitoring the same, thus creating security and reducing complexity. The use of autonomous shuttles is conceivable for intralogistics supply; they automatically supply the employees at the workplace with the required goods from the centralised storage location and ameliorate the concept of "Smart Workplace” – a workplace where people work hand-in-hand with the intelligent ordering and assistance systems to save distances, avoid errors and increase process reliability.

Workplace with intelligent supply
Work solutions for an ergonomic and structured way of working

The base: customised, ergonomic workplace solutions

The journey of working efficiently starts with good ergonomics. Individually adapting to one's own work situation and the associated activities and tasks is a basic prerequisite for the work of the future. Würth Industrie Service offers innovative workplace solutions for designing an ergonomic workplace optimally aligned to the individual needs. Würth Aluminium Profile System WAPS® offers the base here. Using different parts and components, the experts of Würth Industrie Service develop the workplace that is the right fit for the customer as per the 5S aspects in his work environment in the industry. This workplace is backed by OPT-I-STORE® hard foam inserts, attachment system CLIP-O-FLEX® and bin clip W-KLT®Clip making the Kanban bin easy to move and easy to hang on the workplace to save space.

Advantages of the Smart Workplace
  • Maximum availability of your C-Parts directly at the place of usage
  • Increase of productivity by elimination of walking distances and reduction of non-value adding activities
  • Avoidance of manual error sources
  • Ergonomic workstations
  • Maximum transparency of inventories and consumptions
  • Early identification of demand fluctuations
  • Lower capital commitment
  • More flexibility within your value chain
  • Precise control of the flow of goods

Further information on efficient C-Parts management

WIS portal - information platform
WIS Portal
Transparent C-Parts management

Our information platform WIS portal offers you a complete transparency across all processes within Kanban supply.

Supplier integration
Supplier integration

With our CPS®miLOGISTICS solution, you will get to use our tried and tested systems for also suppling non-Würth products and product groups.

Logistics centre in Europe
Logistics centre in Europe

Our logistics is the prerequisite for a secure and efficient supply of C-Parts. Our state-of-the-art technologies offer you maximum security.

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