Personal Protective Equipment PPE: A safe bet from head to toe

Personal protective equipment (PPE) includes all clothing or equipment used to protect against health or safety hazards. In many areas, the wearing of protective clothing is even required and must be provided by the employer. With us, you will find all kinds of professional protective equipment – from skin protection and hand protection to fall protection and much more, of course according to common standards and safety standards. The protective equipment is available in various designs to match the work requirements of various industries.

The PPE regulation

The PPE Regulation is regulated in the European Union by the PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425. There is a classification in risk groups, from which the user should be protected.

Category 1minor risks
Category 2risks other than those listed in category 1 or 3
Category 3risks that can lead to very serious consequences such as death or irreversible damage to health

The specific test methods for PPE products are further specified by corresponding standards. To ensure that our suppliers deliver legally compliant products, we regularly conduct inspections and quality controls at our suppliers.

CPS®SAFETY – We are strong for your safety!

In order to protect your employees optimally, you must select the correct personal protective equipment (PPE). As a competent partner and TÜV-certified PPE expert, we from the CPS®SAFETY team are at your side discussing prevention measures and supply solutions together with you. You will also receive information on the legal basis and guidelines for the safety of your employees. Feel free to contact us on for an individual consultation!

Respiratory protection

Breathe deeply safely

Respiratory protection

Protect your airways with the proper use of respiratory masks against hazardous gases, vapours or mists.

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Eye protection

The safety in a view

Eye protection

Without goggles, our eyes may be exposed to many dangers, take the proper precautionary measure now!

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Ear protection

Protection for the ears

Ear protection

Wear earplugs to lower the noise level in the workplace and increase the ability to concentrate.

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Hand protection

Gloves for safety

Hand protection

Minimise the risk of hand injuries and find the right glove for your application.

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Skin protection

Take care of your skin!

Skin protection

We help you and support you in the planning and implementation of skin protection measures.

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Safety shoes

Protection for the feet

Safety shoes

Safety shoes can also be ordered from us in all safety classes in a large selection.

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Head protection

Optimal protection with helmets

Head protection

Find protective helmets and caps for the safety of your employees on the construction site or in the industry.

Head protection in the online shop

Fall protection

Safe at heights

Fall protection

For numerous work at heights, you will find the right safety equipment in our occupational safety range.

Fall protection in the online shop

Work wear

Protective clothes

Find the right work clothes or professional clothes for your employees and provide the garments with your company logo!

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Supply concepts for occupational safety products

Just as important as the selection of suitable protective equipment is the availability of the items. Together with you, we develop the best possible logistics solution for the supply of occupational safety products according to your individual needs

  • centrally in the material warehouse
  • centrally at a defined location in production
  • decentralised in every area of production with the required articles (e.g. directly in the welding shop or in pre-assembly, etc.)
Occupational safety machine

Retrieval of health and safety articles made easy!

Dispensers are particularly suitable for the individual removal of safety items, which your employees can easily withdraw when required by pincode or similar.

Shelf system Orsy

Demand-oriented storage of health and safety articles

We offer different shelving components that can be combined individually to create a shelf that suits your needs.



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